We are People + Business + Brand transformers

We’re living in times of uncertainty and significant rapid change.

Social and economic variables are shifting rapidly, client expectations and behaviours have become unpredictable, our people and teams are emotionally weary and concerned about the near future, our partners and business ecosystems are stressed, we’re questioning our business models and our strategic plans are no longer valid.

Our world and the communities we belong to will be very asymetric into the near future and we will need to adapt quickly and naturally into situations and realities that we have never faced before.

This “New Normality” will look and feel like many things, but it will definitely not be normal.

We will face many new challenges on this journey (we are already facing them!)… there will also be many opportunities!

To quickly adapt, to deal with current challenges productively,  and to identify new opportunities…

you will need to energyze your people, reconnect your teams, simplify your business complexity and re-imagine how you generate value, embark on a renewed journey with your clients and re-invent how you communicate through strategic stories that capture hearts and minds.

In a word, you need to reframe!… your people… your business… your brand!

How we approach reframing

Reframing is a very practical and organic process of co-creation and collaboration that integrates three key elements, enabling us to understand the present and quickly build a new future that is dynamic and adaptable.

It offers a fresh new integrated way to look at your world, and generate solutions to new realities through the active participation of people and teams to create sustainable value.

Discover our people perspective 

we work actively with people and teams to generate “new ways of being” and “new ways of doing”, engage their passions and capture their hearts and minds

Discover our business perspective 

we take a new practical look at business to energize client experience, engage talent, renew cultural DNA, simplify business arquitecture, connect business ecosystems, and generate value through a multi-dimensional world of possibilities

Discover our brand    perspective 

we bring new purpose to brand, travelling to its essence to generate new value propositions, imagine renewed brand strategies and communicate strategic stories

We offer quick and practical solutions to connect with your clients, re-energize your people and teams, re-focus and simplify your business and produce results.

Practical solutions that produce results in times of uncertainty

Re-energize your people,  reconnect your teams and build high performing tribes!

Join us in  (re)energize!

It’s time to energize your people, your teams and your business… and we have created a quick results modular program to shift your people, your teams and your business into the New Reality (re)turna workshop to stabilize and reconnect your people and teams (re)setan experience in nature to create the best version of our people and teams for a new reality (re)starta workshop to reactivate your business to succeed in times of uncertainty and rapid change

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Practical solutions that produce results in times of uncertainty

Unique and impactful facilitated virtual and presential events that generate results!

Join us in ]tribes

[v]tribes are unique virtual events that connect you with your clients, build your tribes, and create solutions. IT’S TIME TO GET PRACTICAL! A more intense and immersive use of the virtual mode for team meetings and events is a natural response to the New Reality. It’s an opportunity that can’t be missed. Virtual team events are practical and economical. They can be organized quickly, designed to be highly productive and deployed swiftly!

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Practical solutions that produce results in times of uncertainty

Shape how your business is seen. Share your strategic stories engaging hearts and minds

Join us in {s}tales

A program where we co-create strategic narratives for leaders in times of uncertainty and fast change.We have developed a way for you to communicate a vision with clarity and purpose, engaging people and teams with their passion and their emotions.With the most timely strategic narrative and the appropriate storytelling techniques, you will actively engage your team members in the role they play in the growth and development of your business, you will help them to overcome their doubts and resistances, and ultimately you will inspire them to be active protagonists in your organization’s journey to succcess.

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The core partners we collaborate with on this reframing journey through uncertain times and rapid change


At Voxpopuli, we transform the relationship of brands with their clients through their values.

We design roadmaps that enable organisations and leaders to establish an emotional bond with their public. We do so with a comprehensive and whole view, inspired by the relations that each of us build with other persons we care for.


Brands that are driven by values ​​tend to be very profound. Their founders and the management team have developed them with passion and feel a special commitment to their clients and society. But they often struggle to translate their full value into a proposition that resonates with their audience. At Voxpopuli we know how the values ​​of a brand can be transformed into its greatest asset and into a powerful tool for success in the market.


It is the magic word that everyone evokes and few master. How do you write a brand story that reaches people's hearts? Emotion is an art and it has its rules. Discover with us the path that takes you to the heart of your audience


We take entrepreneurs with a dream, CEO’s, C-Level executives and partners of professional services firms to the next level. We help them understand and leverage the unique value they bring to the table so they will tell stories that engage and convince.

Luis Costa - coach · facilitator · speaker

I develop you, your people, your teams and your business, in a co-created and collaborative thought-provoking and creative process, to resolve current and future challenges, and pursue inspiring opportunities and new solutions in times of uncertainty and rapid change.


Developing CEOs, business owners, C-Level executives and top talent, executive committees and high performing teams to become the best versions of themselves


Co-creating unique experiential face-to-face and virtual corporate and team Offsites, and design and development workshops that shift your people, your teams and your business to the next level


Developing high performing teams that are inclusive and empowered, and trust, collaborate and communicate authentically


Reframing people, business and brands in a world of uncertainty and rapid change


A clear and engaging communicator and storyteller that captures hearts and minds, and connects with your audience at a very personal level

We will join you, your people and your teams on the journey to resolve the challenges of today and co-create solutions to the opportunities of tomorrow, generating significant impacts and sustainable value.

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