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Shape how your business is perceived. Share your strategic stories engaging hearts and minds!

Inspire our people, engage our shareholders, attract our clients and excite our partners.

A strategic narrative is a unique type of story.

It talks about who we are as a company, where we’ve been, where we are, and where we are going.

It describes how we believe value is generated and what’s important in our relationships.

It explains why we exist and what makes us unique.

Stories. The most powerful way to communicate your strategy!

Strategic narrative is a form of storytelling, and like all good stories, it needs a compelling plot, characters, a climax, and a conclusion.

Our people, our shareholders, our clients and our partners will understand how they fit into our business ecosystem and how together we will solve the challenges of the present and embrace the solutions for the future.

Welcome to {s}tales!

A program where we co-create strategic narratives for leaders in times of uncertainty and fast change.

We have developed a way for you to communicate a vision with clarity and purpose, engaging people and teams with their passion and their emotions.

With the most timely strategic narrative and the appropriate storytelling techniques, you will actively engage your team members in the role they play in the growth and development of your business, you will help them to overcome their doubts and resistances, and ultimately you will inspire them to be active protagonists in your organization’s journey to succcess.

Choosing the right narratives

Unique virtual events that connect you with your clients, build your tribes and create solutions.

All types of audiences, internal and external, look to you when they need clarity, reassurance and inspiration. Telling stories that up the game requires balance, vision and skill. Your first task is to choose narratives that inspire the right changes and build on the nature of your enterprise and its strategic goals.

What cultural DNA defines your organization? What roadmaps and minemaps will guide us through the current situation? How is your company perceived in the market and what is its reputation? How is our brand sensed overall?

In choosing a narrative, you will consider these and other key questions and will articulate the messages for internal and external audiences, as well as for formal and informal communication. The perfect balance of different elements derived from careful consideration, will give you the ability to choose the most compelling narratives in each situation. They will be coherent and convergent, though diverse and adapted to each audience and each situation.

Who is it for –

Any business leader and/or communication manager who needs to build and communicate a strategic narrative, whilst getting the hightes levels of buy-in and engagement by people and teams.

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Telling the perfect stories

Unique virtual events that connect you with your clients, build your tribes and create solutions.

Good stories have always touched our hearts, and moved us to integrate rational and emotional responses. What is the secret of a great story? How do we capture the heart of your employees, your partners and your shareholders? How do we build an emotional bridge that unites your company and your clients?

The most refined techniques in the art of storytelling show us the way and we will help you use them to tell stories that inform, move and inspire. At Reframerebel we help you create your unique stories that build on the immutable laws of the Hero’s Journey, a narrative structure that is used as to discern, understand and respond to fundamental needs of each person in your audiences.

We will build with you the perfect setting to deliver the right strategic messages. We will work with you to access to the hearts of each person in your audiences through the art of empathy. And we will embark with you on a journey of discovery that will show your point of view through the perspective of your recipients. You will be able to present the real problems, offer solutions and address resistances that block your audience from taking the correct actions. And you will be able to present your vision in a way that gives people the protagonism. Why? Because as a leader you know that the real heroes of your story are those who take the small steps and the big leaps that will help you and your business overcome the challenges of today and benefit from the solutions of tomorrow.

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