About reframing and what we do

Our integrated perspective on reframing and what it means to your people, your business and your brand

Our approach to reframing is anchored in the fine art of conversation.

We put ourselves into your shoes by listening and engaging in a conversation about who you are and what you need. This is where it all starts… listening empathycally and seeking to understand who you are, who your people are, what is the essence of your business, what is at the core of your brand, what are your challenges and your aspirations. There is no product off the shelf that can provide an instant solution to a well grounded, focused and engaging conversation.

Reframing is an organic process of co-creation and collaboration that integrates three key elements, enabling us to understand the present and build a new future that is dynamic and adaptable

By focusing on people, business and brand in an integrated way, we will work together to correct the inefficiencies of the past, to anticipate current and future challenges, and to introduce practical innovation into new possibilities.

Reframing offers us a fresh new way to look at the world and generates new solutions for a new reality, through work places where people create sustainable value.

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Our reframe perspective on people

It all starts with people!

People are at the core of everything we do… whether as individuals or as tribes, people are the true drivers of transformation and growth.

Reframing how people engage and create meaning with their environment embraces two fundamental dimensions – who we are as human beings (the To Be perspective) and what we do as people and professionals (the To Do perspective).

Reframing places the human being at the centre of an adventure that connects self, with others, with relationships, with tribes, with business, with communities and with society.

Our reframe perspective on business

Our volatile social and economic environments, and our people and business models are facing degrees of uncertainty and transformation that we are only now beginning to understand.

The foreseeable future will bring vertiginous change, a large number of shifting variables in our ecosystems that we will not control, and a very asymetric world. We will face continuous waves of fluctuation and we will need to quickly adjust and reframe.

Through reframing we take a new and pragmatic look at business, and we energize client, talent, shareholder and partner experience, we re-engage people and development, we re-focus the cultural DNA, we simplify the business arquitecture, we refresh the business ecosystem, and we redefine the value generation model  creating a multi-dimensional world of possibilities and solutions through a forward looking  roadmap and minemap.

Our reframe perspective on brand

Brand tells a unique type of story. It talks about who we are as people and as a business, where we come from, where we are, and where we are going. It describes our values and how we believe value is generated. It talks about what’s important in our relationships. It explains why we exist and what makes us unique.

Our story will inspire our people, excite our partners, attract our clients, and engage our community, transmiting our company’s vision, communicating our strategy, and emboding our DNA.

Brand connects value, relationship and story. It is a form of storytelling, and like all good stories, it has a compelling plot, characters, a climax, and a conclusion.

Three quick and practical solutions to connect with your clients, re-energize your tribe, re-focus your business and produce results.

Welcome to (re)energize

It’s time to energize your people, your teams and your business… and we have created a quick results modular program to shift your people, your teams and your business into the New Reality (re)turna workshop to stabilize and reconnect your people and teams (re)setan experience in nature to create the best version of our people and teams for a new reality (re)starta workshop to reactivate your business to succeed in times of uncertainty and rapid change

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Welcome to [v]tribes

[v]tribes are unique virtual events that connect you with your clients, build your tribes, and create solutions. IT’S TIME TO GET PRACTICAL! A more intense and immersive use of the virtual mode for team meetings and events is a natural response to the New Reality. It’s an opportunity that can’t be missed. Virtual team events are practical and economical. They can be organized quickly, designed to be highly productive and deployed swiftly!

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Welcome to {s}tales

A program where we co-create strategic narratives for leaders in times of uncertainty and fast change. We have developed a way for you to communicate a vision with clarity and purpose, engaging people and teams with their passion and their emotions. With the most timely strategic narrative and the appropriate storytelling techniques, you will actively engage your team members in the role they play in the growth and development of your business, you will help them to overcome their doubts and resistances, and ultimately you will inspire them to be active protagonists in your organization’s journey to succcess.

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Some examples of how we co-create and collaborate with you to generate sustainable value

Through conversation we co-create with you to design a reframe with new possibilities and solutions to your current situation.

Together we collaborate to ensure that the new possibilities and solutions become sustainable and structural within your cultural DNA and your business arquitecture.

We introduce you to the most appropriate approaches and techniques, and involve you an your people in experiences that will deeply transform who you are and what you do.

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individual and team coaching

We partner with you in a “real play” thought-provoking and creative process, which inspires you to “connect the dots” and maximize your personal and professional potential.

The aim of the partnership is to bring about a sustained behavioral and performance transformation and profoundly shift the quality of your and your team’s working and personal life, whilst maximizing your potential and generating sustainable value.

corporate and team events

Bringing a team together – a Management Team, a Project Team, an Innovation Team, a Sales Team... or any other kind of team engaged in creating value to the business, its clients or stakeholders – to STOP... GET OFF AUTOMATIC MODE... reflect through a guided process and come up with a clear RoadMap and MineMap is no longer a luxury. It has become a necessity for those businesses where efficient and effective teams are a fundamental part of their success.

This is very we come in! We co-design with you and facilitate unique Team Events that bring together the right people to work through a key and strategic agenda and generate a powerful and implementable RoadMap (where are we going) and MineMap (how will we get there in the best posible way), whilst building the cements to becoming a stronger and more seamless team.

design and development workshops

Through our design and development workshops we create an intensive and collaborative environment where we seek, explore and identify new possibilities  and solutions to problems created by reframing situations.

Our experiential and engaging workshops surface and explore the unique set of knowledge and experience gathered within the team, and use it to reframe current situations into new possibilities and opportunities.

These highly inclusive spaces introduce and ensure the right balance between

  • identifying a clear and compelling purpose
  • identifying and profiling new opportunities and possibilities
  • developing new ways of thinking and new ways of feeling
  • acquiring and developing new skills and behaviours
  • giving and receiving feedback
  • having fun

back to nature

Reframe your leadership style and build your tribe through a deeply transformational experience in nature.

We work with highly experienced partners who will join you and guide you through a conscious leadership development experience:

  • that will completely transform you and your leadership 
  • learn to access and embed a new source of resources that you will adopt sustainably
  • facilitated in a framework of personal development by experienced coaches that will prepare you for the experience and help you take advantage of it in your daily life
  • conducted by high performing guides that are one with nature
  • explore and stretch your boundaries and comfort zone safely guided by experts that are mentors to other guides and a standard in the industry

the academy

We work with you to co-create tailor made experiences and design and implement your own academy.

CEOs, C-Level executives and top talent must constantly assess the context they operate in, develop “new ways of being” (to be) – new behaviours and new corporate DNA - and acquire “new ways of doing” (to do) - new skills and knowledge – to cope productively and timely with a complex environment in constant transformation.

A world that is VUCA is also a world where comfort zones no longer exist, where emotional awareness and stress tolerance become key, where being trustworthy and ethical is not an option, where collaboration and teamwork are a way of life, where empathic listening and courage are a central part of your cements as a profesional and a human being.

Developing these and many other skills and behaviours within a specific environment with a unique Corporate DNA requires an innovative and tailor made approach.

At The Academy, we are not traditional trainers and we don’t do training!

We develop people who are great human beings and profressionals, so that they naturally adopt “new ways of being” – TO BE – and “new ways of working” – TO DO – in a world of continuous and rapid change.

high performing team builders

In a world of uncertainty and rapid change, mutual trust and High Performing Teams are key to survival...

Our approach ensures that your team operates with a clear sense of purpose, a unifying vision and a powerful model of mutual trust, collaboration, communication, co-creation and agility

In a world where immediacy and powerful results are key to the success of any venture, the development of high performing teams is a strategic leadership action.

A high performing team shares a powerful DNA and a unique set of principles that enables it to operate autonomously and generate innovative results at the speed of light. Mutual trust, transparent communication, solid collaboration and working with the end in mind are key to the modus operanda of a high performing team.