About Reframers and Rebels - our DNA, our values and the  behaviours that define how we collaborate with you

"through conversation, we connect and build relationships"

conversation is at the core of doing business and at the centre of any relationship; every person, every business and every situation is different and offers a new opportunity to reframe and design new approaches and solutions

“we reframe others through our personal transformation"

we believe transformation starts at home; as we shift our behaviours and as we adapt how we connect with others... they will also shift the way in which they engage with the world around them

"people are at the centre of everything we do"

people... people... people... if it doesn’t involve people, we don’t do it

“we strive for simplicity"

someone somewhere decided business had to be complex and complicated; well... we disagree; people like it simple, accessible and doable

“we are creative, innovative and flexible"

we always start with a conversation and a blank sheet of paper and we recognise the uniqueness of every situation; we listen, we watch, we connect and we engage with others... and then we co-create and we collaborate... moving, shifting and adapting as the situation requires

“we love what we do and we have fun"

if we didn’t love it, we wouldn’t be doing it; we are fortunate to witness profound transformations and interact with fabulous people and inspiring leaders everyday... and we love it; people are more engaged and receptive when they enjoy what they are doing, when they have fun and... even enjoy a good laugh

“we cherish diversity"

the more diverse the people we build relationships and work with, the richer we all are; every dimension of diversity brings endless opportunities to become better versions of ourselves and to create new and engaging solutions

“we love the world we live in"

after all, we only have this world; if we are not sensitive and respectful of its needs, we will not be leaving a very good legacy to our children and grandchildren

We are the team of reframers and rebels that lead the reframerebel ecosystem

Giuseppe Cavallo is an Italian who lived in Holland, France and Japan and is now based in Spain, is a senior expert in brand strategy and storytelling, a visionary practitioner that helps businesses globally to find the way to success in a VUCA context.

He spent the first 24 years of his career in large multinationals in marketing and communication. In 2012 Giuseppe added a new chapter to his career starting to counsel enterprises and business leaders in values-based success marketing strategies.

Giuseppe is a visiting professor at prestigious Universities. In October 2015 he published El Marketing de la Felicidad (The Marketing of Happiness), a manifesto for a new humanistic marketing culture. He is also a co-author of Brands with a Conscience and Diseña Tu Futuro (Design Your Future). He is a public speaker and he is often interviewed to offer his points of view on marketing and storytelling.

Luis Costa is a Portuguese American who lived and worked in the USA, Canada  and in London before moving to Barcelona. After spending 25 years in the USA (a product of American Universities and a Partner at a strategic consulting firm in the 80s), Luis became a trusted advisor to CEOs, C-Level Executives, Business Owners, top talent and Top Management Teams in a number of the major global companies (including a significant number of Fortune 500), innovative companies operating in new ecosystems and dynamic family owned businesses. He is also a coach and advisor to senior partners in Professional Services Firms and Law Firms.

Over the past 39 years, Luis developed extensive expertise in a number of areas and is invited to speak regularly at conferences, senior management and leadership offsites and other corporate events. He is also invited as subject matter expert to provide thought leadership to various types of events and think tanks.

He works interchangeably in English, Spanish, Portuguese and French and spends most of his time collaborating with clients throughout Europe, North and South America and Asia Pacific.